The Appellant

Book Signings? This is an interesting type of event. When The Appellant (volume 1) was released end of March 2018, Mila's marketing and public relations team reached out to a number of potential book signing venues and ironically most did not reply because the book had not received enough reviews, enough contests won, and overall newness of it, along with the venues were not carrying the book yet.

In order to get a book signing, it has to get past the gatekeeper at various locations and that seems to be nearly impossible; locations like His Word, Barnes & Noble, local Libraries, etc. Maybe it's just a matter of timing and luck to get to a book signing at a great venue. Stay tuned.

One can always get a copy of the latest edition from Mila or her Publisher and have it signed and dedicated. Just contact her and ask. Mila would love to do so.

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